Sunday, September 25, 2011

Back to old school

WOW this month has flown by the three girls have all started school and so have John and I, we are one busy family! Because John and I both hated the school bus when we were kids we can't do it to Kailten, plus were only about 5minutes from her school anyway I drop her off and come home to get miss Payten ready for her school day. Because of her new self given haircut it takes me awhile to try and hide what she did to herself. However by mid morning its just me and the baby (John if hes not working) and I'll admit LIFE IS GOOD for those five hours, I had major guilt when I put Payten in preschool and now I have guilt because I LOVE her in preschool. Between Caden's naps and bedtime I do my homework, I must say I'm one stressed out momma!

Next John and I both were called to callings today, I'm nervous about mine because it's going to take more of my time that I feel I already don't have. However I'm looking forward to it and hope that I can be a good 14-17 year old Sunday School teacher :) also I have learned to love the members of this ward, I was scared because it's such a small ward only 6 elders that we wouldn't fit into the clicks, however they have made my family and I feel so welcomed we are excited to go to church and feel their love. I have also realized that church isn't about who wears what its about learning the lords message. So many members can't afford to buy a new dress so they wear the same dress every Sunday even if it's mismatched and has holes in the skirt nobody is judging them. I LOVE that, it's how church is supposed to be. I never sit alone in Relief Society and I never go the entire three hours with out a hug or a hand shake. I feel Heavenly Father is happy with how the Libby ward treats it's members! These members have it figured out it's about serving each other and learning the gospel.

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Liz said...

As busy as you are those 5 hours in the afternoon are much needed so don't feel guilty,... she's learning and your learning... it's a win-win situation. As for your new calling your going to do fine...and you will find that you will learn more than the least I always did. I'm happy that you feel loved and welcomed in your new ward! That makes me happy! I hate our ward, I don't fit it, I'm the old single lady amongst young college students and mommies.... but we go... and here it's all about what you wear! geez sometimes small towns are the best.