Saturday, July 30, 2011

Puppy for Payten???

Since I last blogged Payten was kinda sleeping in her bed, well I'm happy to report that she has found her way back to our bed. The other night she even woke me up because she wanted to use my arm as her pillow. My next line of defense is to buy her a puppy (yeah I said PUPPY) for her birthday if she stays in her bed. So far we're not getting a dog :) I'm almost to the point where I'm going to lock my bedroom door at night, however I feel to guilty if she really needed us.

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Liz said...

I don't know what to tell you. I know that for RaLee I was so tired one night and there was this big ole 14 year old wanting to sleep with mom and I said, "Heres a quilt and a pillow sleep on the floor beside me." That was it for her she never came back...well she napped with me from time to time but didn't sleep with us at night any more. I felt like crap in the morning to see her curled up on the floor beside me, I was so tired I barely remembered saying it to her. So this time will pass soon enough and then one day you will miss me.