Monday, July 4, 2011

Saying Goodby to Sister Wives

For six and a half months I had the honor of living with my mom, and Crystal's family. In so many ways we were sister wives, without the sharing our husbands part! Crystal would clean the bathrooms and John and I would cook. One person was ALWAYS doing laundry while the other was watching the kids. Most people couldn't live with 14 other people, but we did it and had a good time. I got to know my nephews and nieces and had the chance to see Crystal as a mom. Over all it was fun and enjoyable. But like all good things they can't last forever, after talking to Haven on the phone one night John knew that she needed him back in Montana. The decision didn't come as easily to me, of course I didn't want Haven sad, but the selfish me didn't want to leave AZ, my home for the past 30 years. However how could I refuse Haven her dad and sister's and brother, especially when she was hurting so bad. The day after Easter we left AZ and I did okay up until we hit the Utah boarder, that's when I began to cry. With a prayer in my heart I asked my Heavenly Father to allow me to be brave. Sometimes it's hard for me, however all I have to do is see how HAPPY Haven is and I'm reassured that we made the right choice. Winter, yep its going to suck, but I have to be BRAVE.


Sharron said...

Congratulations Jessica. You have put on your very grown up suit. I am proud of you. It will be hard at times, but the blessings will be there for you all. I'm proud of you!! Love you kiddo!

Liz said...

It was hard seeing you go, but we can't be selfish, Haven is a priority. We miss you too...lots...but your just a phone, blog, Facebook or text away. How fortunate we are these days!