Thursday, September 2, 2010

September 1,2007

My little girl turned three yesterday, I was so excited for her. She started her day off with her very first dentist appointment. Which I'm happy to report went really well, she has no cavities and zero build up. Then it was time for the fun, we took Payten to Jeeper Creepers it's an indoor amusement park. She loved it we had so much fun with her. Then we came home and I made her a special dinner and a cake! Her BIG party will be on Friday with her aunts,uncles,cousins and grandparents.

Payten Memories: Remember when........

I was in labor and the nurse told me I wasn't and just a few hours later she was born.
Me beating the crap out of John during labor.
Me crying for DRUGS when I was in labor.
Me asking for my mom but instead I called her MOMMY, yes John still teases me about that one.
The first time I saw her very blond hair and BIG blue eyes.
She cried ALL the time.
When she laughed for the first time I cried.
My poor baby had her first UTI I cried again.
When Payten was only 8 months old and walking everywhere.
She was 12 months old and finally slept for me.
When she beat up Jayden, oh wait she still does that. She can be so mean.
When she was potty training and was so excited that she pooped in the potty.
When she started calling her grandparents "Greenma and Greenpa"
When she thinks I'm still asleep and gives me a hug and a kiss and tells me she loves me.
When she steals Cadens Binky's because she can't find hers.
She says I love you to SPACE.
When she eats your food off of your plate even though she has the same thing on her plate.
When she jumped in the pool all by herself and wasn't afraid.
When she was going to go to school because her sisters do.
When we moved her bed into our room because she wouldn't stop sleeping on the floor and it was sad to see her bunched up on the floor next to me every night.
I'll love her forever because she is my Pay Pay!

Happy Birthday Payten!

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Liz said...

What a sweet post! I felt so bad for you because she was one of the hardest babies ever as far as crying and not sleeping went. She doesn't sleep for you but you were always so patient with her. I can't believe she is 3! And that nurse that insisted you weren't in labor and I got angry with her and asked her where she wanted you to give birth/labor at the home depot across the street?! It wasn't a few hours later it was like 30 minutes later. We would never have made it home and back again! That nurse is so embarrassed every time she see's us...and she should be. You were dialited to an 8 and she was sending you home! Okay any way again Happy Birthday Payten! GREENma loves you!