Friday, September 24, 2010

I Like to Move it Move it

When I started having babies 8 1/2 years ago I was told that babies grow and develop at their own pace. Most little ones roll over at 2-3 months, can sit up at around 6 months, crawl at 8 months and walking at 12 months. I look forward too each new stage that my baby makes. I remember being sad when my Payten began crawling at five months and walking at seven months. She was my baby being that Kaitlen is 5 1/2 years older then Pay. I was looking forward to having a tiny baby to take care of. But to my amazement she was in a huge hurry to grow up I was bummed that she didn't stay "babyish" for awhile. Then we got pregnant with Caden I was so excited to be getting a baby boy, a son to love. Again I was hoping that this time my baby would not be in such a hurry to grow up. I was hoping that because he was a he that he would be slower at sitting up, crawling and walking. I have heard that boys are sometimes slower at developing. Let me tell you I was not shocked when my five month old sat up and began crawling all on the same day. Caden is now six months old and he crawls everywhere; he scares me when he goes from a sitting position to his knees I just hold my breath and hope he doesn't smack his face on the carpet 8 out of 10 times he is a pro the other two times he needs a few loves. I'm greatful that my little man still loves to nurse and he always has kisses for me. Half the time he is crawling to find me if I'm in a diffeent room then he is. I'm just so thankful that he is here and I get to be the one to take care of him even though he is in such a hurry to grow up.

Caden's Great Grandpa and Great Grandma Marry gave him his white teddy bear
He LOVES to play with his cousins. The older kids are so nice to let him sit and play they all look after him.
My little man!


Eldredge Family said...

We all love little blue eyed Caden! He is so much to be around and so happy! We love him dearly! I am always jealous your kids are so smart and advanced...mine take there sweet time doing anything! HAHA!

Tamra and Jim said...

Your kids are all so cute. It's so fun to have a boy after the girls, too. They definitely bring a different package of fun than girls!

Sharron said...

Cute little guy . . . I'm glad that you have been able enjoy both boys and girls to raise!

Jessica Caldwell said...

Crystal your kids are all so sweet, I have really enjoyed William these last few months he is growing up to be such an awesome young man. They all are William just seems to be getting so "adult"

Aunt Tamra thanks I think my kids are pretty cute also! I have loved having my little boy more then I ever thought I would he makes me happy.

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe he is crawling THIS early wow-strong boy! He is a such a cutie with those big blue eyes.

Danel said...

Really Nice Blog!:)