Monday, November 28, 2011

Going for 3

Saturday my mother in-law wanted to take my three girls roller skating, I thought it would be fun for them especially for Kaitlen and Payten because they had never gone before. However deep inside I knew not to let my sweet Kaitlen go because she is so clumsy and breaks bones by slipping on a piece of paper or tripping over a tent. Sure enough, not 10 minutes into it Kaitlen fell, she wasn't even off the carpet yet. I ran to her and she was holding her arm. I asked her the same question I ask everytiome she falls "K-T is this a broken hurt or just a hurt" she told me mom this is a broken hurt. We arrived at the roller skating place at 7:02 and we checked into the ER at 7:20. By at 8:30 my baby had a splint on her arm, and is waiting for her cast to be put on Tuesday. I can't explain why she breaks her bones so easily, my heart hurts for her she is such a champ though. Shame on me for letting her go, I knew better but I just wanted her to have a fun time with her sister. Now she has broken the same arm 3x's she wants a red cast because of Christmas:)

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Amanda Griggs said...

I feel so bad for her! I have had my fair share of broken bones and I know how much it sucks! Give her our love and kisses!