Thursday, October 14, 2010

Take a deep breath

Take a deep breath and breathe, everything is changing. One thing will always stay the same NOTHING CAN BREAK US not Sage's passing and not this. Thank you to our amazing husbands for stepping up and being Men. That's why our heavenly Father created son in laws. For times like these. I have a deep love for Spencer and John G. My John thank you for being my rock and letting me cry and for letting me be in a crappy mood. For holding me like a child and rubbing my head. I Love you.


Cody and Danica said...

you will all make it through this. I"m so sorry.

Sharron said...

It is time like these what show us what our hubbies are made of and what we are made of.

These times also remind us that we are indeed, God's children. That He cares about us, trusts us to be strong as we grab hold of the rod with an untiring grip and hold to each other.

We learn that we have the abilities that we have inherited from our Heavenly Father and IF we come up short after all that we can do, the Savior's atonement will be there to make up the difference.

Remember this every day, pray about it, on your own, with John, your children and the rest of the family.

You will be blessed, I know this from experiences and wish the same peaceful, restoring blessings for you.

Love you all!

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