Friday, October 8, 2010


My last post seemed to confuse some of you, after reading it I can see why Oops that's what I get for blogging while I'm tired and upset. So let me explain; I was talking to Crystal about whats been going on in our family this past week and with all the wisdom of a 90 year old grandma she talked to me about "The Stupid Cow" talk that was given in conference during the second session on Sunday. She told me that the cow had a pen with his food in it but he choose to poke his head out of it and eat the wheat. That he kept on eating and eating until his belly swelled up and he died. The cow broke the rules that were made for him he choose to nibble a little until his nibbling killed him. This talk has help our family this past week so now as a joke or just out of sadness and frustration we will say "YOU STUPID COW"

I have the BEST big sister in this entire world she has been threw the worst possible thing a mother can ever go threw and yet she is the one holding our family together I love her and respect her more then words can explain.

So here is to you "YOU STUPID COW"


Sharron said...

Whew! Thanks!

Mariah said...

I had wondered if you were referring to that talk. It was an excellent talk filled with so much love. That will definitely be one of the talks that I re-read when the November Ensign comes out.

Hang in there...all of're family is in many prayers right now.