Monday, August 23, 2010

But I Like Him A lot

Just in case you all aren't counting my little guy is five months old now. He has not only stolen my heart but the heart of his three older sisters as well. We had Miss Haven for summer and she not only helped me with his bath everyday but she also picked out his clothes. Haven loved his 'boy' clothes so much that she tried to wear them after deciding she was to big for them she would lay them on her chest and pretend she was wearing them. Haven loves Caden so much that she would hold on to his arms and rap to him K-I-S-S-I-N-G over and over again she saw that on Americas Got Talent.

Then we have Kaitlen who informs me that she has NO MORE big sister left in her and if we decided to have another baby she is living at her Grandmas. She says that he needs to much attention and that every one just thinks he is sooooo cute. But she can't leave for school without giving him hugs and the first thing she does when she gets home is talks to him. He response to her evey time he really likes Kaitlen they growl at one another and she was the first one to get him to laugh!

Now we have Payten she over loves him, its so bad that I don't dare shower when he is awake, one time I came out of the bedroom and she had his little swing going so fast that poor Cade was white knuckling it. She is always wanting to see his "boy parts" and just yesterday she got hold of a marker and drew all over his face. I thought she was playing with him while he was in his bouncer but no she was coloring him brown. Payten won't share HIS toys with him and she has taken over every one of his Binky's I'll look over and she is sucking on his blue 0-3 month Binky. Her best line is but mom I just like him a lot. She has tried to nurse him and when he is crying she thinks biting him is the best way to get him to stop. Over all we have great girls they just really love their brother!

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Liz said...

LOL I still laugh over the marker thing. She was pretty sneaky to get his face all painted up with you righ there! I love Kaitlen's Line about not have any more big sister in her! Your kids are cute and they really do love their little brother. I too have found it amazing that he is already five months old!