Saturday, August 28, 2010

Are we done yet

We are almost one month out since Kaitlen broke her leg and all I can ask is ARE WE DONE YET. I'm so ready for her to be healed its not even funny, I'm tired of getting her to and from school, getting her up the stairs down the stairs, in the car out of the car, in the shower out of the shower. Most of all I'm sick of her wheel chair I feel like her chair is ALWAYS in the way I trip on it at least once a day. Poor girl gets so board that she just stares at me or she rolls as fast as she can from the kitchen to the couch over and over again. If I'm this annoyed you can only imagine how Katie is feeling needless to say the next few months need to hurry along.

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Liz said...

I feel so bad for both of you. It takes you 30 minutes to get all the kids into the car then back into the house! And it's hot! But you have one month down and have taken very good care of her.