Sunday, January 10, 2010

30 week ultrasound

Last Tuesday we had our last ultrasound, I was excited because "last ultrasound" means I'm almost done. Mom and John went with me, I love seeing the baby at 30 weeks they are so much bigger then the 19 week ultrasound I can always see so much more detail. For instance our little boy has some big ears they were poking out, I hate to say he has John's ears because you can't really know that until they are older but from the picture they sure look like his Daddy's ears. After some joking around and the tech giving John his first heart attack, she told him our baby was a girl. For about ten seconds he was speechless then he realized she was joking around with him.

After my ultrasound I had to wait to see the doctor, Mom and I waited for an hour I was getting ready to leave when the doctor finally came in. (John had taken Payten out she was STARVING) I was expecting her to get on to me for gaining 2 pounds over the last month {BTW I have only gained 4 pounds}but instead she started off saying my last blood test were good and the baby was over three pounds. Then she told us that the ultrasound had showed that the baby has to much water around him. That my water level is a 20 and they like to see it around 10-13. I didn't know what this meant I had only ever heard of low water levels not to high. Without trying to freak me out she said it could mean that the baby isn't swallowing and to please not look it up on the Internet because it will only freak me out more. SO as promised I have NOT looked, John has, and he has told me somethings but I have also promised him I wouldn't look it up. We have another ultrasound on the 19Th to check the water level if the water gets to a 30 all I know is that they might induce labor, or try to drain the extra water other then that I don't want to know because 65% of babies born with high water levels are 100% healthy. I'm only blogging about this for journaling purposes I haven't even talked about it with anyone other then John and as he says I WORRY way to much. So on the 19Th I get to see my little guy again I hope we can see his face this time and that my water level is down to a healthy level.


Sharron said...

Lay off that salt missy?!?!?!!? Though I['m not sure that would mean anything, I just like to say that to others since i have heard it for so many years. Keep us posted and you'll be in our prayers!

Liz said...

I think it will all be fine...We have to believe that. No more bad things in this family just GOOD! I'm practicing the "Power of Positive Thinking" this year. I'm so excited for this little guy and he's almost here!

Amanda and John said...

I know everything will be fine, and he will be here before you know it! Even if he has John's ears I'm sure he will be beautiful!