Monday, April 6, 2009

My Birth Story with Payten

My story with Payten begins a week before I had her.

Saturday August 24, 2007 my mom and Crystal had a baby shower for me. Everything was so nice and pretty, I remember being so overwhelmed with all the gifts I didn't have many people come, but I had at least an hour of opening gifts. Spencer went to Pizza Hut, I had a cake and some silly games it was fun. The reason I bring up my shower is I was now 39 weeks and SO ready to have her. After the shower John, my parents and I went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner I had heard spicy food would help bring on labor. I also had John stop by Walgreen's on our way home and we bought caster oil, my mom had told me that it helped induce her and Crystal's labor.

We got home and I soon realized that all spicy food gave me was heart burn, so on to my next 'myth' John makes me a Pepsi with caste roil in it I drink it up and wanted to vomit but instead I drank some more. That stuff is so nasty, but i was desperate I wanted her out so badly. I was prepared to have the worse diarrhea of my life, I also just wanted my labor to start I didn't care if it made me sick for a few hours. To my surprise the caster oil did not give one twinge of diarrhea and zero contractions I was so upset that it had not worked.

Monday John and I went to the doctor, for my last check up. I was getting up from the toilet after I peed in the cup. Well I had pulled up my pants when I had this huge gush of "water" my pants and the floor was soaked. I should have been embarrassed but I was excited because my water had broke I proudly told the nurse that my water had just broke and I was in labor. To my horror they "checked" me and did the amniotic fluid test coming back with a HUGE no your water didn't break you just peed your pants and you are only dilated to a one! Now I'm embarrassed, I wanted to walk out the back of the building, but no I had to walk out into a full waiting room with wet pants. To this day I swear I did not pee my pants that my water broke and they messed up on there test.

The week goes on and bye Wednesday I was passing the bloody show stuff and I was cramping a lot. For those who don't know me I have very light periods I can wear the same tampon for hours and hours if I wanted to. (sorry if that was an over share)

Thursday, I tell John that I'm bleeding a lot so he calls the doctor and they tell me to go to the hospital. We get to the hospital and they check me and again I'm still only dilated to a one. I'm embarrassed because my kind of bleeding is not what they call a lot. This time the nurse scrapes my membrane's she tells me that I will be back here in a couple days tops! That i need to walk, she told me to walk ikea and the mall. The next two days John and I walk everywhere we walked the mall, walmarts, targets, around Dads place and Crystal's treadmill. On top of all the walking I'm still drinking caster oil, this time it is straight from the bottle. I drank the entire bottle and still no labor or diarrhea.

Friday night comes and still no baby, I was so depressed because I just truly didn't want to be pregnant anymore. I was so uncomfortable and hot; my feet were the size of a 500 pound man, I had to pee every freakin minute. ECT.......

Saturday September 1, 2007 I wake up around 5 with horrible contractions I was so scared that they would stop so I just layed there and with silent tears streaming down my checks I knew that I was in labor! After an hour I woke up John and he timed my contractions for me, he could see the pain on my face and he to knew it was time. He woke up my Mom at around 7 and she made all the calls to my sisters. By the time we get to the hospital it was about 8:15, I get checked and the nurse informs me that I am still only dilated to a 1 and that my uterus is tipped, she recommends that John and I walk the hall ways. I remember that at first during our walk John and I were talking and laughing however about an hour into it the laughter and talking stopped, all I wanted to do was get to a bed. I remember walking into a clean room and sitting on the bed I told John to let the nurses know that I had changed rooms, he managed to coax me into going to our room. So with excitement in my heart I just knew that I was at least dilated to a three; when the nurse told me I was still only a one and my uterus was still tipped and that they would be sending me home I was shocked and mad. I knew I was in labor, my contractions hurt and I just knew that if they sent me home I would wind up having her on the side of the road because we lived so far away. I didn't understand what a tipped uterus was until I was in more active labor all I know is that it hurt like monkeys to lay on my right side I thought was going to die.

After some arguing my mom convinced the nurse to call the doctor. The nurse came back and told me that I was not in labor and I would be going home. But first the doctor wanted me to have an ultrasound just to check my water level but after that I was going home no exceptions. I didn't care I was just thankful for the time I had to labor and hopefully dilate. Bye now it's after 10 and I'm in full labor, I'm crying and begging John to help me and when he would tell me that I couldn't have an epidural yet, I would move on to the next family member. I remember calling Mom 'MOMMY' and begging her to help me. All this time I kept on asking if this is not labor then what the H--- is it, the nurse informed me that I was having practice contractions and they can hurt but they are not the real thing. I felt like I had been in labor for hours but it had only been an hour. My poor John got the crap beat out of him each time I would have a contraction I would close my fist and HIT him as hard as I could on his back over and over again. (He was hugging me and talking in my ear so his back was the best choice for me just in case you were wondering why his back!) Also during this time I told everyone that I felt like I was going to throw up and I was very dizzy a few minutes later the nurse come in and tells us that my blood pressure has dropped. She then looks at my mom and asks her what should she do; my mom looked at her and said I don't know you are the nurse. So mom recommended giving me some oxygen, the nurse thought that was a great idea! That helped me calm down enough to take long deep breaths, I guess I had been holding my breath that's one of the reasons my blood pressure dropped. The nurse still insisted that I was going home just as soon as the ultrasound was done.

So now it's almost eleven and the ultrasound tech has arrived, she is getting the best pictures of Payten and everyone was so excited. I remember just laying there holding on to John and trying to be patient while she did the ultrasound. It's sad to say but I didn't care that I could see her I was praying that my epidural would be coming soon even though I was still being told that I was not in labor yet. After ten minutes or so the technician takes a measurement of my cervix and when she typed in 8cm I think that's when the entire room got well lets just say pissed.

The nurse that had been telling me that I was not in labor all of the sudden decided to check me, she said I was a solid 6 and that my tipped uterus was straight now. I was finally declared to be in ACTIVE LABOR I was staying! So now I'm mad that she had not believed me so I start screaming I want my epidural as loud and rude as one in labor could. Of course they had to try to give me an IV before I could have my epidural that is always fun because like my sisters I have tiny child like veins. During my epidural I told them that I had to push, they kept on telling me to just hold on for a few more minutes. After my epidural was in they checked me again and I was a ten so they broke down my bed and and just when the epidural had kicked in I pushed 2 very solid pushes and at 12:14 P.M. my beautiful 6lb 14 ounce baby girl was here. She had pooped inside me before she was born so they had to suck all her poop out of her lungs before her first breath or she could have gotten an infection. Other then that she was healthy and so blond. The doctor kept on saying her had never delivered such a blond headed baby before. She was so small and just perfect!!

John and I have loved having her, she has been such a fun little girl to have. As I always say Pay Pay ties our family together!



Liz said...

That was quite the day. I remember asking the lady when she insisted you weren't in labor and that we should go home, "We live an hour a way we can't go home. Where do you suggest she labor in the garden department at Home Depot!" She just looked at me with this blank stare. I then suggested she call your doctor. That's when she came back in and said the Doctor ordered an ultrasound. The tech didn't think I could read the screen and when I announced that your uterus just measured 8 centimeters she was shocked. The staff acted like they were in a Laurel and Hardy movie and your nurse was Lucille Ball! But she got here and you really had a super fast delivery. She just shot out of there for someone who wasn't in labor. If they had sent you home we would have delivered her in the car trying to make it back to the Hospital.
Pay's hair was so blond it looked yellow. She had the blondest hair I had every seen!

mj and that girl that loves him~ said...

Jess, what a great birth story! I loved every detail of it! I could picture everything you wrote about!
So I think you could look at it as well heck, I went through labor thinking if this isn't labor then what do I have to look forward to when it is.., and then waaaalaaa! Out she came! LOL My labor was so fast too! Of course I had a CS but I was asleep when my water broke at 4 a.m. and at 8:30 a.m. I had my son! Then we both sleep for 8 hours! That was the last time I slept for 8 hours too for the next 2 years! LOL Thanks for sharing, I've loved all these posts about the births!

Jessica Caldwell said...

Payten's birth was much faster then Kaitlen's I was very thankful for that!.

Megan said...

I adore birth stories and I LOVED this one! I even liked the too much information that you threw in, it is good to know where you are coming from.
I think labor and delivery nurses get hardened and stop listening to their patients after a while, which is sad cause is there any other place in the hospital as a nurse you would rather be.
Thanks for the story
Megan Kempton Tew